There’s A Spider on My Bed: Life With the Window Open

There’s a Spider on My Bed: Life with the Window Open

Take One: a cricket in a dorm shower.

AHHH!! Shit, shit, shit, shoes, need a shoe, STOMP.

Take Two: A month in at the Czech Republic, a spider on the bed.


A bare-handed kill, that second one.

A lot of people know that there’s much less air conditioning in Europe. I like this, as I usually prefer clean air to recycled.

What I never thought about before I got here is that, because fresh air needs to keep circulating, the windows are kept open. All the time.

And in Prague, there are no screens on the windows. There are instead two layers of glass, to keep the cold out in the winter.

Now, no screen means a lot of good things. Sitting on a windowsill is lovely, there’s no struggle with weird hooks or locks. But it also means that there’s nothing to keep the bugs out.

And so, the kitchen always has a few fruit flies around. Housefly corpses litter every windowsill. And spiders make themselves right at home.

So, you either get over being afraid or have a heart attack and die. I’ve lost count of the number of bugs I’ve killed with my palm by now: I’ve even learned how to kill them without getting them smeared on my skin. There’s a trick to it.

And not only did I get used to killing bugs, but more importantly I got used to live bugs. There are two or three spiders in my room at the moment. I know where they are, and I know how to kill them. But they’re just little things, and letting them live means I don’t have to swat so many flies.

I’m not saying its better: I can bet my arachnophobic little brother would never develop this attitude. But I know I find it comforting to have one less thing to be afraid of.


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